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Inspirations Collection

Every image captured on camera evokes in me a myriad of thoughts and emotions. The art I do is meant to be shared and I hope, to inspire. I came up with the idea for my new Inspirations Collection musing about how some images are like a moment of deep reflection, as if the essence of that frozen moment in time is trying to tell me something.

Inspirations Collection is still available at Four Espresso

till 1st June 2018. Thereafter, all sales will be online.

Words are what make us uniquely human

I have worked inspirational quotes into my travel photos as a way to share even more deeply the sensations and ideas these images evoke in me. An image by itself is a powerful expressive tool and coupled with words it becomes even more evocative and brings about a certain connection between the art and you as an onlooker.

I have chosen quotes from people who have inspired me on my journey as a professional photographer. I have a special fondness for photographing the sea, beaches, sunrises and sunsets, the full moon and these are quotes that highlight the very essence of the images I was capturing.

Nature gives us so many quiet and beautiful lessons ...if we only care to look deeply and look a minute longer.


Trish Haywood´s quote sits beautifully against Narrabeen Beach at sunrise as the Pacific Ocean laps gently on the sand. It is what I am always grateful for with each sunrise I capture on my lens. It is another day and what a blessing it is to have this new day.

I was at Flynns Beach in Port Macquarie and looking up I was, as ever, captivated by the glory of the full moon as it got reflected on the waves slicing in the sea. No matter how many photographs I obsessively try to capture of the full moon, it is never enough and it is a neverending and beautifully elusive quest to immortalize the beauty of the light of the full moon on a photograph. For me, the full moon is as the sunrise, a graceful end to receive a new beginning, hence the quote -


Life is a cycle, and so is nature.

A group of surfers were training at Collaroy Beach at early sunrise and I was impressed by their sheer determination even in their regular training to start working their bodies and their minds so early in the day.


A quote from Pix Jonasson perfectly captures the very values of this quiet group of people who needed no audience to motivate them or provide them with recognition. Their discipline and synergies to train and exercise is an inspiration for so many of us who are more likely to view training as a negative sort of labour. This brief moment of these surfers can become our mentor to remind us of what we need to succeed on our individual journeys.

The Foreshore of Kingston in Canberra was swathed in a blanket of fog at dawn and as the fog lifted, a group of rowers gently floated into view. I wondered at the blind faith and trust they need to have in each other and in nature to feel the way in the fog. I live for such moments when nature and life morphs and surprises me with emotions and sometimes an epiphany. John Carroll´s quote came to mind and it was the perfect line to add to this image. about


A rainbow is one of the most exciting things to capture – you never know when you will see one and when you do, you hope you have your camera ready to freeze that ephemeral phenomenon. I was lucky once on my way to Collaroy to capture three amazing forces of nature in one image – a fleeting rainbow, a miniscule disc of a moon shying away in the sky and a looming storm in the distance. It was a humbling moment then to realise that my very act of standing there capturing something so sublime with my camera was possible because at one point I believed I could get into professional photography and that was exactly where I got to. The quote from Miley Cyrus about believing in yourself was apt for this image.


I am fortunate to do the work I do where my eyes are exposed to so much beauty and curiosity around me. Even as we rush about in our daily lives, there is another part of the world that moves more slowly and reveals precious lessons to us. I hope my Inspirations Collections will ignite some spark of understanding or give solace and inspire a new way of looking at the world.



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