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Moons at Sunrise?

Remember the Total Solar Eclipse on 21st Aug 2017 when the Earth, moon and sun were aligned? Well this photo reminded me of that day but this photo is not the moons aligned with the sun. This was 6am a few weeks ago. I woke up early and thought to myself, "what does the world have installed for me today?". Strolling along Manly Beach, I spotted balls bouncing up and down against the rising sun as the backdrop.

I took many photos of sunrise and sunset but this seemed like Moons at Sunrise! Don't you think?

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That early morning, Lucia Michalavicova and her team were practicing beach volleyball and they're there at Manly Beach before me.

Manly Beach seemed to be divided into lanes. Nearer the waters, the surfers were warming up to the surfs. Between the surfers and volleyball players were joggers pounding their feet into the sand. Footprints and leftovers from previous night's sea activities left crater-like imprints along the beach. It's interesting to see how the day unfolds. Life's a Beach!

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