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Life's a Beach - Smashing Boredom

Whatever I do, wherever I am, life seems to draw me to the sea. Maybe it stemmed from the fact that I was born and bred in California, growing up with the Beach Boys. Then I moved to Australia and lived between Sydney and Port Macquarie where my life's still a beach.

Sometimes it is boredom that I find myself catching morning sunrises where life starts waking up. Sometimes that same boredom carries me through the evening sun sets; then in its darkness, all you can hear is the sea pounding.

Life at the beach can be so serene and then so intense all in one day, like what I witnessed at Manly Beach for the last few weeks. I was drawn to Manly Beach where I witnessed Lucy Michalovicova's team scuffling across the sandy beaches, slamming the ball across the net of their opponent. Suddenly, Manly Beach was buzzing with high impact action and my boredom smashed. I watched them play beach volleyball intensely for weeks, training for Volley Fest.

Lucy Michalovicova was preparing her teams for the upcoming National Volleyball Australia Tournament. Their warm ups were already very intense for me, yet they could go on till dawn. Their energy just took me from the usual serene photo shoots that I do for sunrise and sunsets to now capturing their spirit and precision. My fingers just came to life, clicking away and my heart was cheering for them.

If you're interested in these beach volleyball photos,

Karen Williamson of OZ Land Photos took this photo of Lucy Michalovicova showing the techniques of volley balling

Manly Beach came to life when the volleyball game starts

The photos I take about Life's a Beach | Karen Williamson | OZ Land Photos


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